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Still loving life in San Luis Obispo. By day you can find me writing and marketing, by night (and some lunches) you can find me teaching yoga and sculpt classes.

Sadly, 2018 did not bring me any real-life sloth sightings even though I went to TWO zoos that had them. Here’s looking at you, 2019, for sloths that aren’t sleeping.

Still a senior copywriter at MINDBODY on the creative team in marketing. My favorite part is the company’s dedication to wellness and the perks like monthly money to pay for workouts or haircuts…OK fine, and that I get to eat lunch every day with my boyfriend Kean.

Outside of work, I spend my time in the early mornings, lunch hours, and evenings teaching yoga sculpt. (Read: shouting at people while they work out.) I’m at around six classes per week, most of them in a 90-degree heated room—so I’ve perfected the art of the fast shower.

Kean and I enjoy using our weekends + his knack for finding cheap flights to travel whenever possible. This year’s lineup included Denver, Nashville, and Vancouver… sadly, the last one came with a half marathon. Looking forward to my first Europe trip to London, Dublin, and Barcelona in Feb 2019.

Since we don’t have a great airport here, these trips usually come with a 3-hour drive to SF or LA, so we’ve found a more local joy: camping in the beautiful places in our own backyard like Big Sur and Montana de Oro.

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