Project Description


Teetering on the bubble between staying out of trouble and, well, maybe not. I am enjoying a new hobby this year of making crafty things using a Cricut Maker smart cutting machine. So far we’ve put it to use on signs, stickers, etched glasses, mini piñatas, greeting cards, invitations, and more. Practicing up for the plethora of inspired new apartment decor ideas (Anna) and wedding items (Amy). Glad to be living close to Dad for advice on building projects and the use of woodworking power tools.

Home front
Initiated the quinquennial (every 5 year) process of looking at our house with fresh eyes…which means I’m noticing and attacking some needed touch-up repairs and fixes. ‘Tis the season for caulking guns and paint brushes. (P.S. I always estimate half the time it will take).

Messiah Lutheran Church
Part of what makes more time for home care is completing, in September, a multi-term run of leadership service on the church Council. I am maintaining continuing involvement on targeted special projects including pastoral call team, graphic design support, mobile app and podcast management, and Sunday morning audio-visual activities.

Parker Aerospace
I returned this year to a favorite role as team leader of engineering services (for the Control Systems Division) with an emphasis on lean product development processes. I am thankful for the ongoing partnership and support of really great workplace associates.

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