Project Description


Moved to a new apartment and went back to Japan for vacation. Yes, I am wearing a Catan shirt and holding the game. No, I am not a Catan GmbH spokesperson or model.

Went back to Japan with my cousin Jason. We had done a similar trip to Japan two years ago and couldn’t wait to go back. This time exploring newer areas and venturing going off the beaten path. Having a friend who knows the language helps. Our trip was centered from our hotels in Kyoto, Tottori and Osaka. Highlights of the the trip was the food and the very old historic castles.

Following football again, hoping the local 49ers can catch a break. Well at least the ticket prices are more affordable. Been to 2 games this year and it’s great being so close the the stadium and seeing the game with friends.

Moved this year a to an apartment a town over. One of my roommates bought a house so needed to move. The commute is still good but these bay area rent prices are not getting any better. Like the new location, close to the farmers market and light rail.

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