Merry Christmas from the Rogers

We’re wishing you a Christmas filled with tenderness for the past, courage for the present, and hope for the future.



our family


Dog Mom


2021 started out looking very similar to 2020. Lots of date nights, movie marathons, Peloton workouts and exploring the neighborhood with mid day walks. Spring 2021 we welcomed our furry addition, Gigi! She’s now a 11 month old Goldendoodle full of curiosity and adventure. Our days have been filled with puppy school, sniffing out all the neighborhood dogs, eating a baseboard or 2 and lots of puppy cuddles. We are thankful Solana is so dog friendly and have really enjoyed being dog parents! In addition to all things puppy: Nick and I loved being a part of not one but two surprise engagements for Anna and Alissa. We cannot wait to welcome Kean and Sean to the family!


Reality OFF | Virtual ON


Due to supply chain issues relating to foreign travel, Nathan’s year has been more low key than past years, but plenty of good things still happened domestically. This includes getting promoted to a “senior” Software developer after 7 years at hpe and while we still are all working remotely, the office is scheduled to open back up really early next year. So this year also included moving into a new apartment still in the bay area. Additionally this year also saw the return of travel down to so-cal for holidays and special occasions as well as the summer Havasu trip. This has all been quite an interesting year for all of us but especially congratulations to my little sisters on the big changes!


IKEA Furniture Ninja


Made some big moves (literally!) to La Mesa, CA this year where my fiancé Kean and I purchased our first home. I am enjoying working at Raken as Director of Content (all remote teamwork this year), diving into the first stages of wedding planning, exploring our new town thoroughly, and ticking down the seemingly endless list of to-do’s around the house. Kean is very handy with tools and installing/fixing various items. I’ve become ninja-quick at building IKEA furniture and painting walls with new colors. We’ve even been lucky enough to have “project weekends” elbow-to-elbow with the masters (our parents) themselves! 


Rain Jacket Owner


I was recently promoted to a new Life Enrichment role within my company, Aegis Living, and have begun working from the home office in Bellevue, WA. Sean & I have our raincoats ready and are in the middle of moving up to the greater Seattle area. We also got engaged in November and are so excited about what 2022 and this next chapter of life will hold! We are still playing tennis (and no I still haven’t won a full set yet) and can now add chess to our list of favorite pastimes.


Family Connector


Jeff and I continue to start each day with an early morning 4-5 mile walk. We enjoyed a family trip to Havasu in June with all the kids and their significant others and Gigi, Amy and Nick’s golden doodle who was at the time 4 months old. She adjusted well to the boat and lake life. When she comes to visit it is hard to keep her out of the pool. Jeff and I took up the sport of pickleball. We try to play weekly. I continue to work at Messiah and I am thankful for my number one volunteer, Jeff. He helps me with the AV for services. Looking forward to planning two weddings in the next year. Thankful for Sean and Kean as they join our family.


AV Wingman


This year I’ve enjoyed splitting time between family adventures, new hobby activities, and part-time work. Significant passion projects included @home | studio completion & patio cover update; @church | digital sound and video system installations, @kids | moving & repairs; @dad | furniture, toys, and other items built together on Wood Wednesdays. Design Craft LLC highlights were a December trip to Quebec for process improvement facilitation. I am also supporting associates at Parker implement a new customer experience (CX) software platform.


Lake Havasu rendezvous